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West Albury Rotary Club and the UIVER


This aircraft was donated to the city of Albury by the West Albury Rotary Club in time for the upcoming 50th anniversary, of the emergency landing at the local Race Course, of the Dutch KLM "Uiver" aircraft during the famous McRobertson 1934 London to Melbourne air race, in which the "Uiver" came in second place to the purpose built racing De Haviland Comet two seater Grosvenor House photographed at a Mangalore Air show when it was brought back to Australia.

So what a fitting present the Rotarian's work was for the people of ALBURY-WODONGA.

This was a project to mark the anniversary of the Rotarians 75th Year. . It is also there to maintain a bond established in 1934 between the people of ALBURY and the people of HOLLAND and a committment made so many years ago between the people of the two countries.

It was one of the focal points in the 50th anniversary celebrations of the 1934 Air Race.

Incidentally, I believe that the plane that came in third, a Boeing 247D, was eventually developed into the Boeing B17 "Flying Fortress" used as a heavy bomber in WW2.

To the Rotarians the aircraft project had cost considerable man-hours in time and effort in the construction of this gift for the people of the area and was now suffering due to the lack of maintenance and care. West Albury Rotarians in action

Frustrated and dissatisfied with the assistance and co-operation they were receiving from the local Council in regards to requests for maintenance issues to their donation to the city of the "UIVER" DC2 aircraft, the West Albury Rotary Club found themselves at a crossroad. Some concerned members approached Dutch born Herman Blom, to take over the responsiblity in pushing forward the development of their original project.

This is how the "UIVER MEMORIAL FOUNDATION Inc" initially became involved some 16 years plus ago, and stays with them to this very day.

How did they do it

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