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Before the New Memorial wall was built visitors were able to read the "Uiver" story from this display in the first photo below, around which has people sitting and walking past in this shot. Behind it is the airports carpark from which you now walk along a prepared walkway to the present revamped memorial. The new "Wall" which replaces this "panel" is yet to be built on the site approximately from where this photo was taken. Note the pavers already provided by the "FOUNDATION". Interested people will notice the "rock" in the center of the photo was on that day the focal point of that day as it was the commemorative stone that was unveiled at the official opening of the "UIVER MEMORIAL FOUNDATION" 23/06/90, already they have been fund raising for a 4 to 5 year period unofficially.

This is a view of the original panel from which one read the "UIVER" story. The image appears to be distorted due to the reflection from the sun off the media used or from the protective glass panel.

Due to water seepage and general deterioation it was replaced with this

It has 4 smaller brass plaques(two at each end) and 8 large plaques upon which the story of the "UIVER" and that night are retold. It also tells of the Matharthon 1934 London to Melbourne Air Race, the competitors, and finally of this particular DC2 history.

The smaller plaques are Dedication, acknowledgement plates.


Dedicated to

The one that tries

A very early picture of Herman and the "UIVER" with its tail control surfaces removed to have the cloth removed and be covered in Aluminium. Note just a plain site with no development other than the "Bus Shelter" style story board display which did the job so well for so long. It has been taken looking from the car park toward the east, towards the "UIVER" and where the "Wall" would be built later on in the clear area on the left and in front of the DC2.