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Aims and Goals for the Future

The foundation's purpose is in the preservation of the DC2 replica aircraft "UIVER" mounted on poles near the carpark at the ALBURY airport. It has also concentrated on the development of the Memorial established around and under the DC2 aircraft. In doing so, providing seating and a peacefull, relaxing enviroment to visitors and allow the sharing of the history associated with events which occured in 1934.

The "UIVER MEMORIAL FOUNDATION(inc)" is a non profitable, voluntary organisation based around two main people, Herman and Geesje Blom, with support from other volunteers (thank you all). Over the past 16 plus years, it has been a focal point of these two, affecting their lives daily one way or another, and therefore they are the "FOUNDATION" so to speak. In doing this they are attempting to maintain a focus point to the citizens of the area to HISTORY which is so often overlooked.


While white Australian history only goes back 200 odd years here in Australia but it goes back many more centuries in Holland, yet the "UIVER" appears to be more known in Holland than here in Australia although the two have similar population numbers.

Many Australian's approach many things such as history in a casual "she'll be right mate, I'll do something about it later" way.

Australia has yet to learn to appreciate a lot of its History be it good or bad and not take it for granted.

In holland, at that time it was coming out of the global depression, the 1934 Air Race, well, it was a time of National pride.

It was Holland, "our country" and KLM against the rest of the World.

Australia was on the other side of the world, primitive, full of kangaroos, koala's, snakes and not like the "civilised" Europe that they lived in living months , maybe even years behind Europe.

The 1934 Air race was organised to open up Australia to the outside world by establishing an air route for trade and commerce.

At that time, news was by word of mouth, newspapers, or via the luxury of radio to which all that could, would huddle around at the time to hear the latest news or by news films at the local picture theatre if one was nearby and you could afford to go there and always behind Europe.


So important is history to Holland, that the Founders of the "UIVER FOUNDATION(inc) were awarded Order of Orange-Nassau (Orde van Oranje-Nassau) by the QUEEN OF HOLLAND which was presented by the Dutch Consul General Ed J. Reitsma, who has since privately called in on them afterwards at their home and at the Market when in the area to see how things were progressing.

Locally to some, it has been so important, that the "Foundation", has received many donations of items from that event and time from them as they wish to share it.

It was hoped that a Protective Dome could have been built to cover the DC2 to provide a shelter for the aircraft and an accompaning museum, to allow the display of the collected material for all to see regardless of their age or culture. For this is Albury's history as well as yours and mine. The proposed museum was to have a small shop serving coffee, news, contacts as well as the "3 in the Pan's" etc, to be run by volunteers from the "Uiver Foundation".

As the UIVER is "Council" property, the "FOUNDATION" has approached the local council on many occasions for finacial assistance for the building a dome and a museum, and has been told that "we will see about putting it in next years budget". And still we wait, time passes by, and new councils are elected, more promises, and we'll see.

Do we have to lose what we have here first to finally appreciate what we had but let go as it is not important?

The DC2 used as a replica of the UIVER on the pylons is the oldest surviving DC2 in Australia.

(note:The Orginal UIVER crashed with the loss of all soles onboard not long after the 1934 Air Race )