KLM and the DUTCH UIVER Fan Club

Here is a site for pictures and a report on the trials and tribulations found by KLM's in its determination to have a DC2 flying for the re-enactment of the 50th anniversary of the 1934 London to Melbourne Air Race, and their efforts in trying to keep it in Holland and flying.

Don't forget to look for and click on the the have the English version

It does contain approximately 50 pictures of the flying "Uiver PH-AJU" and therefore takes a while to come down, all pictures are excellent, and they give a day by day report of the action from the time the DC2 taxied out of its old home runway , up to Canada and then across the Atlantic to Holland, where it was rebuilt in preperation for the re-enactment role.

Here in Albury we were lucky to have someone(thanks) record both "UIVER PH - AJU" aircraft together at the local airport.

Go to the DC2 page in Holland

GO to Dutch Uiver Fan Club in Holland

In the year 2000 the DC2 was purchased locally so that it would remain in Holland

Both these linked sites are in Holland